Umbrella Down

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Control the gentle guy who is falling with just an umbrella & avoid being caught in the traps if possible. It is believed that the longer you live, the better your scores will be. You will be in charge of an umbrella that will move and ascend at an alarming rate throughout the game. It would help if you went as far as you possibly could, despite the rain, wind, cities, airships, aircraft, trees, balloons, and other obstacles that stand in the way. while accumulating suns to unlock new umbrellas Are you fed up with not having an umbrella when the sky opens up in torrents? Otherwise, do you find it aggravating to be forced to hang on to your wet umbrella after a bit of a shower? It is possible to borrow an umbrella precisely when you need it using Dripdrop. This new umbrella borrowing service allows you to return it immediately once it ceases to rain.

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