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The NapTime allows you to fall asleep and wake up within a period of time! SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN to improve cognitive function, increase productivity, and alertness while leaving you energized and refreshed. NapTime is the SIMPLE and FAST way to set an alarm for the ideal power nap. A study by NASA found a 26-minute power nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 54%. Six Benefits of Power Napping: 1: Reduces Stress! 2: Increase alertness and productivity! 3: Improves memory and learning! 4:Increases cognitive functioning! 5: Boosts creativity! 6: Improves health! Everybody needs a nap. How does a quick one-hour nap sound to you? That is exactly what NapTime is all about! Featuring: - A thoughtfully clock interface! - A One-Touch knob interface! - A super simple 1-hour Nap Timer! - A standar Timer! - A stopwatch!

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